Comedy Albums and Special Appearances

One Angry Night in November

A few days after the presidential election of 2016, Wyatt recorded a seventeen minute EP of his thoughts and gave it away for free... well not totally free. You have to sign up for a mailing list, but who doesn't love mailing lists?

Furry Dumb Fighter

In 2016, Wyatt released album number three. Seven more and someone gets a free sandwich.

Furry Dumb Fighter is available on vinyl and wherever audio can be digitally placed into a telephone or computer machine.


Wyatt's second stand up special Brooklyn was released in October of 2014.  It's called Brooklyn because that is where he shot it and that is where he lives.  You don't have to be from Brooklyn to watch it, you only need to have a super TV and Netflix.

SXSW with W. Kamau Bell

In 2015, Wyatt appeared on the Showtime stand up showcase, SXSW Comedy with W. Kamau Bell.

If you don't subscribe to Showtime, that's okay.  It's available on Hulu... because TV likes to make you work for it.

John Oliver's NY Stand Up Show

In 2012, Wyatt appeared on John Oliver's New York Stand Up Show. (Season 3; Episode 1 for those keeping score)

Like an infinity gauntlet, the fifteen minute set has been broken up and scattered across the internet; but it is available on iTunes.

Comedy Person

Wyatt's first stand up special, Comedy Person, premiered in 2011 on Comedy Central, where it is occasionally rebroadcast... during Black History Month.

Here's an animated extra that was included on the DVD.  And if you don't have one of those it's also available on CD and iTunes.

Brooklyn Limited Edition Vinyl

Since it's called Brooklyn, it seemed only right to produce a limited edition vinyl record of farm to turntable artisanal jokes mouthcrafted by locally sourced comedy person, Wyatt Cenac. 

The album was pressed in Brooklyn at Brooklyn Phono and includes artwork from the talented Mike Mitchell... who is not from Brooklyn... because not everything in Brooklyn is from Brooklyn anymore. 

In 2015, the album version of Brooklyn was nominated for a Grammy, which is either a testament to the enduring power of vinyl or voters mistook it for the soundtrack of the Oscar nominated film with the same name.

It is currently out of print, but that is because making records is hard work as the video below can attest.

Show & Tour Posters

Brooklyn Tour Poster

Poster by Aaron Sechrist

Poster by Aaron Sechrist

Brooklyn Show Poster

Poster by Michael David King

Poster by Michael David King

Comedy Person Show Poster

Poster by John Vogl

Poster by John Vogl

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