Night Train was a weekly stand up show that someone named Wyatt Cenac hosted for five years every Monday in Brooklyn.  SeeSo was a streaming service that delivered comedy shows to your computer, so that you never had to go to places like Brooklyn.  In 2016, SeeSo produced six episodes of Night Train featuring performances by Michelle Wolf, Sasheer Zamata, Eugene Mirman, Jen Kirkman, Matteo Lane and more. 

SeeSo liked making Night Train once, so they threw more money around and said make another season.  So in 2017, six more episodes were produced featuring more comedians like Brooks Whelan, Janelle James, Kate Willett, Joel Kim Booster, Michael Che and more.

As with many small niche streaming services, SeeSo ran out of money and went out of business, but thankfully Starz (the people that make Power), used some of that Power money and bought both seasons of Night Train, which can now be watched on Starz or on their app or by clicking that button on the right.


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Here's a clip from season two featuring Marcella Arguello